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Choosing The Right Golf Rangefinder

Just like cell phones entered the market, golf rangefinders are plenty in the market. However, they have been used by a few rich guys and professionals. Nowadays, the best players use laser rangefinders to prepare for their tournaments. They are no longer using GPS that are popular with the recreational golfers. They are becoming popular with each day, with lots of features each day. How can you choose the best golf rangefinder? Start by reading golf laser rangefinder reviews. The following are important factors to take into account.


If you have a limited budget, ylocked walletou should start narrowing your list. For instance, if you want to spend less than $200, you will need to consider purchasing GPS units. However, at this given price, there are not many units you can choose. However, you can beat the game with a basic GPS rangefinder. On the other hand, smartphone apps are affordably priced and come with lots of features.

Cons and pros for various types

Laser rangefinder

The good thing about this device is that it is extremely accurate. This explains why they are very common with the professionals playing within the yard. They can be used on any given golf course. There is no computer hookup or membership fees. You only need a battery and you are ready to go.

However, laser rangefinders have their share of cons. As much as they are easy to use, you need to be steady. Fortunately, with some practice you can achieve it without much problem. If you are playing in an area with hills and you cannot see the target, then you cannot get the required distance. You can overcome this by use of intermediate points.

GPS rangefinder

This device has lots of features depending on the model you choose. Some of the features it provides include:

  • Ability to get the required distancegold field
  • Hole view
  • Overhead view of a hole
  • Measure your hits
  • Stat tracking and score keeping

GPS rangefinder has its shortcomings too. As far as accuracy is concerned, it is less reliable as compared to the laser rangefinder. However, the majority of its users are happy with it even as some have reported inaccuracies. The majority of them require membership or subscription fees. Fortunately, this offers you an opportunity to download courses and learn more. It is necessary to consider the same and add it to your budget. It may also have some technical issues as you need to update courses from time to time.…