How to Fax a PDF Online and Send it Without a Fax Machine


Some government institutions and businesses still don’t accept receiving documents over email. As a result, you will have to fax your documents to them in case you are dealing with them. If you have to send a fax, it’s not possible to do it from your computer for free.
Fax machines are so inconvenient because they still require to be connected to the old telephone lines. A fax machine works by transmitting a document over a telephone call. At this point, this process can seem laughably archaic to you. This is because it was invented before the internet was born.

Gateway Establishment

onlineSince a fax machine is only connected to telephone lines, it’s difficult for you to connect your fax machine to the internet. For you to succeed on how to fax a pdf online, you will need to establish some sort of gateway that will be able to accept the documents through the internet and transmit them to a fax machine.
You can fax using only your computer. This is because Microsoft Windows comes with a Fax and Scan application that you can use to send faxes. However, you will need first to connect your computer to a phone line. You will, therefore, require a dial-up fax modem.


To successfully fax a PDF file, you first need to scan it. If you don’t own a scanner, then you can scan the document using your smartphone. If you already have the document as a PDF file on your computer, then you are lucky as you don’t have to scan anything.

Choosing the Best Service Provider

You can then use an online fax service to do the faxing for you. There are a lot of online fax services to choose from. Most of these online fax services have all the right features that will make it easy to fax a PDF online without ever needing a fax machine. The online fax services also come with several security features that will secure your document as you transmit it. Most of these fax services are also integrated with outlook, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Sign Up

onlineYou can also receive faxes with these online fax services. However, you will have to sign up for an account with these online fax services. Most of them have paid membership. Once you sign up, you will be given a dedicated phone number that you can use as your fax line.